By attacking his critics and “a Quranic verse and Munir’s words” … Muhammad Ramadan responds to his pictures with Israelis


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The name of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was the most searched name on the Google search engine and social media platforms, following the crisis of publishing a picture of an Israeli artist, while he was in Dubai.

The beginning of the crisis was the publication of the photo by the Emirati singer Hamad Al-Mazraei, who put it on his Twitter account, saying: “The most famous artist in Egypt with the most famous artist in Israel, Dubai brings us together.”

Ramadan responded to the attack campaign with an audio recording, through his account on Instagram, but soon he deleted his response after the uproar, and he had said in his comment on the picture: “I don’t know nor ask the nationality of everyone who pictures with him, that is, a person imagines with me as long as he is human. I picture with him, my life is in my life, I do not ask him, not according to his color, religion or nationality, we are all human beings.

Ramadan returned, responding again through his account on “Facebook”, and posted another video from the concert that the Israeli artist had gathered, and commenting: “There is no room for me to ask everyone about his identity, color, nationality and religion. ❤️☝🏽 The Almighty said, “You have your religion and I have one.”

Shortly after that, he published a video that brought him together with a Palestinian citizen who was present at the party, and Ramadan said on his side: “I don’t ask about the country that he is photographing unless he is alone and he said this is a video at the same time and the same place with a Palestinian youth !! And in a face that salutes the brotherly Palestinian people !! Some ignore this video confirming that the intention is not the Palestinian cause, but their real cause is the 1000th attempt to stop my success and popularity and direct the audience to boycott me and it will not help 😄🙏🏽 Trust in God, success, always, never. ”

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