Cairo is at the forefront of the injuries … “Zayed” reviews before the “government” the latest developments in Corona


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Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, chaired the government meeting today, Wednesday, where Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, presented a report on the situation of the development of the new Corona virus in Egypt, by addressing the rate of infections at the governorate level, where she clarified the governorates that witnessed a high increase In the number of cases of Covid-19, and comes on top of it Cairo, then Alexandria, then Gharbia, then Luxor, as well as the governorates that witness a moderate increase in the number of infections, such as Monufia, Sohag, and Aswan, and the last that witnesses a decrease in the numbers of Coronavirus infections, such as South Sinai, Minya, Suez, and Ismailia.

The minister also discussed the position of the executive steps that Egypt is taking to obtain the emerging Corona virus vaccine, and presented the position of global research vaccines, noting that the number of the latest vaccines is 217 vaccines, of which 63 are in clinical trials.

The Minister of Health also addressed the position of global and national tourism, in light of the emerging Corona virus pandemic, pointing to what was confirmed by the joint statement between the World Tourism Organization and the World Health Organization, during which the importance of cooperation was emphasized more than ever between the health sector and the sectors. The various economic, especially the tourism sector, with the sharing of updated and reliable information, both for tourists and the tourism sector.

On the status of Egypt globally, with regard to tourism and travel, the Minister of Health affirmed that the list of safe travel around the world included “100 destinations”, including the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the list includes countries that have adopted universally standard protocols and demonstrated their commitment to health measures. Opening its tourism sector while it recovers from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

She also indicated that the return of activities and events nationally is a testament to the Egyptian government’s management of the crisis, which made Egypt almost the only country in the region that witnessed a return to artistic and cultural activities, at a time when other countries in the region and many countries of the world are still closing the doors of their institutions to the public. As a result of the closure measures taken due to the Corona virus.

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