Canceling the decision to prevent Hosni Mubarak’s family from disposing of their money


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The President of the Court of Appeal, Head of the Reserve Funds Department, announced the approval of ending the effect of the decision to prevent the disposal of the family of the late President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and his wife Suzan Thabet.

The president of the court called on the central bank to take the necessary banking and legal measures in this regard, unless one of the other authorities issued an order otherwise, according to “dpa”.

The investigation authorities had sent a letter to the Central Bank of Egypt regarding preventing a number of members of the family of the late President Hosni Mubarak from disposing of their money, regarding one of the cases pending before the judiciary, and demanded that the family of the late president be temporarily prevented from disposing of their personal funds, and to allow the practice of some business, according to For the speech.

The investigation authorities confirmed that the prohibition of disposal does not include the assets of the companies in which they contribute, whether they are cash, movable or liquid money, stocks, bonds, or sukuk, safes or deposits owned by them in banks and others, as well as their personal real estate funds by sale, assignment or foreclosure.

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