China invites the countries of the world to participate in its lunar project


The Chinese authority has expressed its willingness to cooperate with other countries in realizing the Chinese national project to establish a permanent scientific base on the surface of the Moon, according to Russia Today.

This was announced on Tuesday, November 24, by Bai Zhaoyue, deputy head of the Lunar Research Center and Aerospace Engineering, official director of Chinas “Chang’e-5” project. And that after China, Tuesday, November 24, succeeded in launching the “Chang’e-5” probe to the moon, which would land on the moon’s surface and bring samples of its rocks back to Earth after 3 weeks.

He said, “We have absorbed the new technologies needed to study the moon, and we intend at a later stage to establish a base that will become a field for experimenting with newer technologies and conducting deeper scientific research. We are proposing to the international community to participate in the program of establishing a lunar scientific station on the surface of the moon that will allow us to achieve various scientific projects.” For a long time. ”

“China intends to accelerate its lunar research in order to create a solid base that can be used to take scientific and practical steps later on,” Bai Zhao Yue said, adding that the Chinese government considers the moon and cosmic space a common property of all mankind and calls for their peaceful restoration in support of the United Nations position. In this regard.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese “Changan-5” missile was launched Tuesday, November 24th, with the success of the “Chang’e-5” lunar probe, which will deliver samples of the moon’s soil to the Earth after 3 weeks.


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