Chinese scientists discover fossil dating back 500 million years ago


Chinese scientists have discovered a trilobite fossil with an unusual head shape dating back 500 million years ago in Shandong Province, east China, and the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stated that the trilobite, which is 4 cm long, is called “Phantaspis aureus.” It is characterized by a head with an extended anterior region that has a double-lobed shape that resembles a pair of rabbit ears.

Trilobites are a group of extinct marine arthropods characterized by a highly calcified external skeleton and were found in large numbers in the oceans from about 520 million years ago to about 250 million years ago, according to the Chinese agency “Xinhua”.

The discovery of a unique trilobite provides new insights into the morphology and structural basis of the trilobite head specialization from the Cambrian period.

“This is the first time that we have seen this kind of strange-looking trilobites, and its strange head shape baffles natural enemies or makes it easier for them to search for food,” said Zhao Fang Chen, a researcher at the institute. The study was recently published in the Polish Journal of Paleontology. .

Two days ago, Chinese archaeologists discovered a tomb dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) in Lincheng County in Hebei Province, northern China. Soh Li Xia, director of the provincial cultural relics protection department, said in a statement on Saturday that it had been found. Some pottery pieces in the cemetery, inscriptions on the walls of a rabbit and 209 Chinese symbols record the name of the tomb owner, his place of birth, and other information about him.


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