Cinderella on the Arab screen puts Dana Hamdan in an awkward position with the audience – watch


Numerous criticisms have been directed at the artist, Dana Hamdan, for her imitation of the late artist, Souad Hosni, in some of her famous looks.

Dana posted, through her Instagram account, pictures in which she imitated Cinderella in her clothes and the way she laughed, and a writer commented: “I love her and whoever loves her, may God have mercy on her, a creative actress.

In response to the criticism of a follower who wrote: “He oppresses himself who puts himself on the side of Cinderella,” Dana replied: “I am satisfied with this injustice.”

Dana Hamdan is a Jordanian actress and fashion designer of Palestinian origin. She has participated in many artistic works such as “Al-Araf,” “Chess,” “The Black Horse” and “Madam Wind,” and she is the sister of artists Mai Selim and Mays Hamdan.


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