“Cinema Egypt” honors director Ali El-Ghazouly and writer Ahmed Mourad


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Director Khaled Galal, head of the cultural production affairs sector, and the general supervisor of the Artistic Creativity Center, honored the director “Ali El-Ghazouly” and writer “Ahmed Mourad” at the Artistic Creativity Center at the Egyptian Opera House.

Galal, director of Egyptian cinema, presented a certificate of appreciation to the director “Ali El-Ghazouly” and to the writer “Ahmed Murad”, signed by all the heroes of the show, bearing the title “To Those Who Live to Stay”, after the play was shown, in the presence of Mrs. Zizi Karam, director Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and writer Sameh El-Tuni, And the singer Shorouk Al Sharif, and the artist Saif Hamida.

“Cinema Egypt” is a show that the stars of the second group graduated from the Talent Studio at the Artistic Creativity Center affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund, headed by Dr. Fathy Abdel Wahab, and deals with the most important cinematic scenes of films that are signs in the history of Egyptian cinema, taking on the character Nadia of the artist Faten Hamama in the movie “The Last Night »The main drama line.

The show affirms that Egypt’s strength, greatness and civilization will remain until the end of time, no matter how its enemies try to erase its history and weaken its power, and that art is the memory of the nation and a documentation of its history that will never be erased.

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