“Clear” photos reveal what a Turkish ship is doing in Misrata


According to the newspaper “Der Spiegel“German, there is irrefutable evidence of a ship smuggling.”Rosalyn A.“The Turkish cargo ship, weapons to Libya, as the satellite images clearly showed, the ship unloading military vehicles in The port of Misurata.

The photos also categorically confirmed the presence of suspicious shipments shipped from Ambarley Port Turkish this month.

These developments prompted the German army, which operates within the European “Irene” mission, to inspect the ship in Mediterranean seaSpecifically, about 200 km north of Benghazi.

Though Germany Informed Turkey With the inspection process through diplomatic channels, the inspection was halted after Ankara lodged a “diplomatic protest”.

German soldiers at the time searched only a few of the approximately 150 shipping containers, without finding weapons.

Turkey, which prematurely aborted German inspections, did not allow it to detect the suspicious shipment, and went so far as to describe the German move as “illegal.”

Also accused German army By “using force” against the Turkish ship’s crew, and an investigation was opened due to the rise of his forces on board. As usual, Ankara justified the shipment by saying that the ship was “loaded with humanitarian aid only.”

Turkish developments and reactions, made diplomats in European Union They go to confirm that the suspicions about the illegal shipment of weapons were correct, especially since the European Union mission had been monitoring the ship for a long time, on suspicion of transporting arms shipments, in violation of Security Council resolutions on the arms embargo on Libya.

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