Coach Vita Club: Musimane made the difference for African coaches


Florent Ibingei, coach of the Congolese Vita Club, expressed his happiness that Pitso Mosimane of South Africa took over the task of coaching Al-Ahly club and reached with him to the final match of the African Champions League.

In statements to “On Time Sports”, Florent said: “Pizzo Mosimane is my friend, and we have attended training sessions together before. We were talking about the fact that African coaches only have the opportunity to train in their country.”

“Musimane made the difference and climbed the wall that we all strive to climb and succeeded in training outside South Africa,” Florent Ibingei added. “We hope to see a trainer from the Congo train in other countries in the footsteps of Musimane.”

The coach of Vita Club added: “My heart is divided in half. Pizzo is my friend, but I have another friend in Zamalek, Kasungu, but we are all proud of this final, and Musimani always pushes me to continue to succeed.”

About Friday’s final, Florent Ibingei said: “We were close in 2014 to the first final of one country between us and Mazembe, but this did not happen, and now Al-Ahly and Zamalek are a model for us to repeat that final from one country again, and I see it as a final with equal chances for all, I cannot say Who is better or more candidate than another. ”


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