Corona reveals the goalkeeping crisis in Al-Ahly


A state of extreme terror afflicts Al-Ahly club officials for fear that Mohamed El-Shennawy, the team goalkeeper, will be infected with the Corona virus, before the African Final scheduled for next Friday in front of Zamalek at Cairo International Stadium.

The state of fear comes due to the mixing of Al-Shennawi with some of the first national team players who were injured by Corona, namely Muhammad Al-Nani, Ahmed Hassan Kouka and Ali Gabr, while the physical and technical condition of Ali Lotfi, the second goalkeeper in the team, does not allow the team to defend Al-Ahmar in this great football battle known in the media as the “Final Century” .

The position of the technical apparatus of Al-Ahly and its fear of Al-Shennawi from Corona revealed the crisis of Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper before it was too late, especially that Ali Lotfy did not obtain the confidence of any technical director who trained the team during the past years, and Mustafa Schubert, the third goalkeeper, is still young (born in 2001) and needs two years Or three, to acquire the technical expertise that qualifies him to defend Al-Ahly’s den.

According to the information received from within Al-Ahly, the first request of Al-Ahly coach Betsu Musimini after the African Final is a request to include a good goalkeeper who has the ingredients to play in Al-Ahly and is a substitute for starch in such difficult circumstances.

Although Al-Ahly officials reassured Al-Shennawi’s condition and that he did not suffer from Corona after he underwent a swab during the past hours, the state of anxiety and terror still imposes itself on the surface of Al-Ahly events and everyone agreed in the Red Castle that the Corona crisis and the state of panic that the club currently has proved that the team needs a guard Goalkeeper at a high level of efficiency and high technical capabilities.


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