Covid 25 .. Youssef Al-Sharif Al-Jamid series Away in Ramadan


Producer Tamer Morsi, Chairman of the United Media Services Company, explained that he announced the participation of artist Youssef Al-Sharif in the upcoming Ramadan drama race and the role of the championship in a series entitled “Covid 25”, written by Engy Alaa, directed by Ahmed Galal, and produced by the Synergy company of Tamer Morsi.

The events of the new series “Covid 25” revolve around the story of engineer Zain in the future, specifically in the year 2120, in which he tries to counter the negative impact of technology on the world after the collapse of states and the rule of companies over the fate of the planet.

Youssef Al-Sharif warns of fabricated tweets

It is worth noting that the artist Youssef Al-Sharif had warned of the spread of tweets or fabricated posts attributed to him through social media platforms that were related to religious and artistic matters in the previous period. He has a connection with it, and that his verified accounts on the various social media platforms are the only ones that write what belongs to him.

Regarding the fabricated tweets, “Youssef Al-Sharif” mentioned on one of his posts on Facebook, saying: “An important warning .. Some people forged a lot of tweets to delude some that they belong to me on Twitter and Facebook, and as this enters into confusion on the followers, which causes great harm and is a problem. There are several crimes punishable by law, so I ask everyone to be careful and careful not to transmit phrases and sentences that do not belong to me and not issued by me, and to always refer to my documented pages only to facilitate access to the perpetrators of these crimes.


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