Days after his 60th birthday, Maradona is hospitalized


Days after his 60th birthday, Maradona is hospitalized

Reuters Agustin Marcarian

Argentine media reported that Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona was taken to hospital.

According to reports, the 60-year-old Maradona, who is training the “Jimnasia e Isgrima” team from the Argentinian city of La Plata, was transferred to the hospital, “Ibensa” in the city for medical examinations.

Reports indicated that Maradona has not been in good health recently, and that he will remain under the supervision of doctors for several days.

This comes just 3 days after he celebrated his 60th birthday.

It is worth noting that Maradona, who is considered one of the best players in football history, the world champion with the Argentine national team in 1986 and the star of “Boca Juniors” Argentine, “Napoli” Italian and “Barcelona” Spain, had been transferred to hospitals many times in recent years.

Maradona was hospitalized in January 2019 due to stomach bleeding, and during the World Cup matches in Russia in 2018, when he was ill on the stadium while watching the match between the Argentine and Nigerian teams.

Earlier, Maradona underwent treatment for heart and respiratory problems in 2004 as a result of using cocaine. He also underwent a gastric bypass surgery to get rid of excess weight in 2005, in addition to several treatment courses to recover from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Source: Reuters


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