Denmark on the decision to cull millions of minks due to Corona: We made a mistake


Denmark on the decision to cull millions of minks due to Corona: We made a mistake

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The Danish government admitted that the decision to execute all mink animals that are being raised in the country due to the emergence of a new mutation of the Corona virus was “wrong”.

Commenting on the decision to execute an estimated 15-17 million animals, the Danish Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mugens Jensen, said in an interview with TV2: “We made a mistake.”

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The minister admitted that the government decision does not depend on any legal ground, and the authorities were not authorized to request the elimination of animals in the facilities for raising mink in which no injuries with the new Corona mutation were recorded.

Jensen apologized for this decision, stressing that he bears responsibility for what is happening in his ministry.

For its part, Danish Prime Minister Mitte Frederiksen was forced, on Tuesday, to answer sharp questions on the issue in the country’s parliament and ultimately also recognized that the government’s decision was wrong.

The Danish government has previously advised workers in the field of mink breeding to start eliminating these animals as a precaution, after discovering a new strain of corona that is transmitted to humans, despite experts’ doubts about the danger of this new mutation.

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