“Deputy Ghalaba” … a worker at a five-ball court gets the most votes in Kom Hamada (photos)


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The people of Kom Hamada district set a unique example in the elections, when a 31-year-old, highly-qualified candidate who works as a “worker” in a pentagonal stadium in the village of Al-Nujaila in the Kom Hamada district obtained the loudest votes in the elections, which were submitted to it after the people of his village collected a sum for him 10 thousand pounds is the sum of the security, and they took over the propaganda work themselves in order to make it a success, and they called him “the candidate of prejudice”, then they called him “the deputy of the prejudice.”

The committee overseeing the elections for the House of Representatives in the ninth district of the Kom Hamada police station, in Al-Buhaira governorate, has announced that it includes the Kom Hamada and Badr centers, and it consists of two seats contested by 4 candidates, and Ahmed Helmy El-Shishiny received the highest votes in the district, which is 59,464 votes, followed by Ahmed’s students The beekeeper obtained 55 thousand and 10 votes, before adding the votes of Egyptians abroad to the votes of counting the committees with the knowledge of the National Elections Authority, which has the final right to announce the result.

Ahmed Helmy the Shishini, candidate of the Ghalaba

Muhammad al-Sayed, an agricultural worker, residing in the village of Al-Nujaila, the birthplace of the “Ghalaba Candidate,” said: “I am happy with the success of the“ Chechen ”and obtaining the highest votes in the district, because he is“ one of us ”, and he did not succeed with money or buying votes, but rather that the people of the district are the ones who They paid him the simple advertising money to be their representative and representative, to change the well-known image of the elections that need money and position, and make a deputy work an account for his people and make an account on election day.

Ahmed Hassan, an employee of the Kom Hamada Resident Company, added that the “Shishini” is the model of the ambitious, courteous son of the country who used to participate in public service and public work, cleaning campaigns, vaccination and blood donation, and all occasions were advanced, and despite the fact that he did not get his luck as a young man. He is highly qualified and worked as a stadium worker, but God wanted to compensate him for his struggle, diligence, sincerity and patience to become a representative of all the people of his circle.

“Hassan” added that “the Chechen” is the model of the young man who stands by the conqueror, not with money that he does not have, but with moral support that he does not have, and it is a situation that must be circulated at the level of the Republic, and it is a message to everyone who wants diligence that everything is possible with ambition.

Ahmed Helmy the Shishini, candidate of the Ghalaba

“Hassan” pointed out that when the “Chechen” was running for office, he was subjected to ridicule by some candidates who have the potential for electoral campaigning, but that increased the people of the village of Al-Nujaila, his hometown, to insist on his success as a symbol of the village that chose him to be a candidate for it, and its people paid a sum for him. Insurance, election propaganda and communication with the people of neighboring villages for the sake of propaganda, considering that the Chechen has turned into a symbol. We wanted to prove that it is not with money or position alone that we can reach the House of Representatives, and that we want him to be our representative and represent us and carry our concerns and dreams to the House of Representatives.

For his part, Ahmed Helmy El-Shishiny confirmed that he owes the people of the Kom Hamada and Badr Central Department for his success and support before the start of the elections, their collection of the amount of election security before candidacy, and their doing all the electoral propaganda, including banners, marches and conferences, at their own expenses.

Ahmed Helmy the Shishini, candidate of the Ghalaba

“I am honored to win the confidence of the people of the district, and I will work to meet the good expectations of my family in the district, and I will have their voice under the dome of parliament, and I will not belong to any political party. I ran the elections independently and I will remain independent, and I will work to promote the district in the Kom Hamada and Badr Qadar centers,” he added. I could.

He explained, adding that he holds a Bachelor’s degree in social service, and has a store that sells office supplies in his home, and I have been working for about 4 years in a five-stadium in the village of Al-Nujaila, my hometown, and as soon as he announced the decision to run for the House of Representatives elections, the people of the constituency spared no effort to support him, considering that the people of The constituency is the successful in the elections.

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