Details of the death of 3 workers and the injury of 10 others in a terrible collision in Minya


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Three workers were killed, and 10 others were injured in a car collision on the old eastern desert road of Upper Egypt in Minya.

Major General Mahmoud Khalil, Director of Minya Security, received notification from emergency operations, that a pick-up truck, No. 6842 A and B, collided with the last quarter of transport No. 8196 BC, on the eastern desert road, in front of the cemeteries of the Al-Safa ambush, in the Minya district. Because of the wrong skip.

The accident caused the death of 3 workers, namely Khaled Abdel Fattah Mohamed, 20 years old, Ahmed Abdel Zahir, 12 years old, and Muhammad Rajab Tolba, 45 years old, all residing in Sharkia governorate.

And 10 others were wounded, they are Yasser Muhammad Hussein, 32, Abdullah Qasim Sayed, and Mahmoud Muhammad Shuaib, 16, in Sharkia governorate, and Mustafa Ahmed Hamdi, 17, in Minya, and Rida Muhammad Abu Hashem, 45, and Ahmed Muhammad Abdel Khaleq, 20 years old. And Abdul Sami Al-Sayed Muhammad, 27 years old, Hussain Muhammad Abdul-Khaleq, 17 years old, and Ahmed Muhammad Kamel, 25 years old, reside in Jumaa in the Sharkia Governorate.

The three victims and the injured were all transferred to Minya General Hospital.

The initial inspection revealed that the accident was the result of a wrong skip.

A report on the incident was released, and the data on the victims and the injured were being identified.

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