“Details” of the series, Resurrection of Othman, episode 35, on the Turkish channel atv || Nicolas surprise and Osman leaving the castle safely


The series, the Resurrection of Othman, episode 35Turkish drama fans are looking for a date to show the episodes of the founder Osman series, or the resurrection of Othman, the most famous and most watched series by the Turkish audience, and the Arab public from the ocean to the Gulf. He carried out the major conquests of the Ottoman Empire, and after him his son Othman came to complete the march of his mother in victories and conquests, and this is what the episodes presented by more than one television screen and a website, presented in Turkish and then re-broadcast on the second day dubbed in Arabic on more than one channel.

On Thursday, Qatar’s Qatari channel will show the series on Thursday, at the same time of its first showing, in all Arab countries, translated into Arabic, and you can follow it via frequency 10971, the vertical polarization factor, the coding factor 27500 and the correction factor 5/5 on the Egyptian satellite Nilesat.

The events of the Turkish series The Resurrection of Othman, episode 35
The events of the Turkish series The Resurrection of Othman 35

The series, the Resurrection of Othman, episode 35

The famous Turkish series is broadcast on the fourth day of every week on the Turkish channel ATV, at exactly eight oclock in the evening Cairo time, nine oclock in the evening Saudi time, and then repeated on Thursday on more than one Arab channel, including the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, the Jordanian Yarmouk channel, and the Turkish ATV channel At the same time as the previous episodes, and on Friday it will also be repeated on the same channels at 1:00 pm Cairo local time, 2:00 Saudi local time.

The events of the founder Othman series, episode 35

Next Wednesday’s episode is expected to witness exciting events, including the rescue of Osman, and his exit from the castle peacefully with the help of Ejul. The hero is the famous Turkish actor, Burak Ujvit, and the famous actress, Aisha Gul, plays the role of Nuruddin Sonmez, Aslan Karalar, The series, directed by Matin Junai, and produced by Mohamed Bouzdag, and the famous series has been shown on the screen since 2019 until now.

The frequency of the transmission channels, the Resurrection of Othman

Many are looking for the frequency of the channels showing the events of the Resurrection Osman series to follow the 35th episode of the series, to download and follow the series, and this is what we will provide to our readers, through your distinguished website, “Katrulina News”, so follow us.

  • The frequency of the Yarmouk channel: the moon Nilesat: the frequency is 11678, the polarization coefficient, the vertical coding 27500, the correction 4/3.
  • Algerian Al-Fajr channel frequency: Moon Nilesat: Frequency 12034, polarization, vertical coding 27500, 6/5 correction.
  • Turkish ATV Channel: Nilesat Satellite: Frequency 10796 Polarization Vertical Coding 27500 Correction 4/3.


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