Did she accept the title of second wife? .. Dora reveals the truth about her marriage to a married man


The Tunisian artist settled Dora The controversy raised about her marriage to a married man, businessman Hani Saad, after she was attacked by her fans after her first wife, Menna Hisham, declared that she had not separated from him on Monday in conjunction with the wedding of Dora and Hani Saad.

Dora said in an audio recording on a Tunisian radio that her husband is divorced and chose to complete his life with her, commenting: Every person is free in his choices and his private life he lives and knows it. Talk a little pause on me and thank you for everyone who makes me happy. ”

The artist, Dora, chose a dress designed by the Lebanese Zuhair Murad, and the value of the dress was 3205 dollars, during its presentation at one of the famous fashion sites, which is equivalent to 48 thousand pounds.

Hani Saad appeared, in a filming session of the Quran contract, wearing a royal oak watch, worth 31 thousand US dollars, equivalent to 495 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Dora married businessman Hani Saad, and Dora published several photos of them on her personal page on the social networking site to exchange photos and videos “Instagram”.

Dora commented on the pictures: “What God has combined in love does not separate a person. Praise be to God, who is fulfilled by His righteous grace. My marriage was made to the one whose heart chose me and chosen by my heart.

And the artist Latifa wrote to her, “Congratulations to you, my dear, my Lord. May God bless you. We wish we were with you.”

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