Did the symptoms of Corona change with the second wave? … An expert reveals


09:30 PM

Sunday 08 November 2020


Denis Protzenko, chief physician at the “Komunarca” Hospital in Moscow, indicated that the basic symptoms of “Covid-19” disease caused by the emerging corona virus have witnessed a certain change with the second wave of the epidemic.

In an interview on the program “Epidemic with Anton Krasovsky” broadcast by RT, Protasenko indicated that those infected at this time often suffer from fever and temperature (above 38 degrees) that cannot be reduced by reducers, according to Russia Today.

He also pointed to shortness of breath (28 contractions or more per minute), and there is a third symptom or indicator, which is the level of oxygen saturation in blood, indicating that its deficiency leads to serious consequences.

Currently, about 870 people with “Covid-19” are receiving treatment in “Comunarka” hospital, including 137 in resuscitation units.


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