Donia Batmeh made the first comment after the verdict on the bomber of the “Hamza Moon Bibi” case – Newspaper Norte


The Moroccan artist commented, “Donia Batma“On condemnation.”Mohammed Al-Medimi‘Bomber case’Hamza Moon BabyAnd the head of the National Center for Human Rights, sentenced to 22 months in prison, through a post with a “story” on her Instagram account.

Batmah wrote, addressing her words to her sister, Ibtisam, who is currently in prison. “Praise be to God, my sister. I was sure that our right will not be lost. God will reward them with what they have done one by one. Move away from us every mean girl and every accursed demon, and show us the rest one day.

The Court of First Instance in Marrakech had convicted Al-Medimi, on Wednesday night, a year and 10 months in force, on charges of “attempting fraud and extortion, insulting public officials while carrying out their duties, false slander, insulting an organized body, broadcasting and distributing false facts and defamation.”


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