Dora settles the controversy: She married a divorced man, and our Lord guides those who fish in troubled waters


The star, Dora, settled the controversy after her marriage to businessman Hany Saad, and many rumors circulated that he had not divorced his first wife, which means that the Tunisian star will be the second wife, which is criminalized by Tunisian law, which was denied by Dora in a telephone conversation with a Tunisian radio station, confirming that her husband is divorced. And he wanted to start his life over with her.

Dora said: “I thank everyone who blessed me and made me happy. I would like all my friends from Tunisia to be present, but unfortunately the circumstances of Corona prevented … I wanted to confirm that I was linked to a divorced man who chose to return to their lives with me and I say to those who spread rumors and fish in troubled waters, my Lord will guide them. .. Every human being is free in his choices and his private life .. I chose a man who loves me and loves him, and marriage is the natural legitimate path to my Lord. We have directed us to him because we love each other … and I hope people stop talking a little about me, and thank you to everyone who is happy with me. “

And Dora continued, “And we would like to add another need. This is the first time and the last time I will talk about the subject. I ask with respect, kindness, appreciation and respect from people and journalists what they ask us about this topic .. I, as an artist and a public figure, love to talk about my artistic works, but My private life belongs only to me. “

The artist Dora yesterday celebrated her wedding to the architect Hany Saad, in a ceremony in El Gouna that was limited to family and close friends, from the artistic community and outside..

The Tunisian artist participated in her audience through Instagram, with pictures from the book’s books, and wrote: “What God has combined in love does not separate a person. Praise be to God, who is done by His righteous grace. My marriage was made to the one whose heart chose me and chosen by my heart, and we gathered the share and destiny. Attended or sentimental.

The accounts of the star’s fans circulated the moment of her crying during her romantic dance to the rhythm of the song “Take Me Between Your Hands”. The artist, Asir Yassin, also lit the joy on the tones of “Millionaire”.


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