Dubai announces hypersonic passenger transport technology via hyperloop .. Pictures


Page announced Official لشركة Hyperloop Virgin Virgin Hyperloop Supported From a company DP World In Dubai for Success The first experience of transporting passengers through a system هايبرلوب hyperloop Ultrafast in America.
He participated in an experiment هايبرلوب hyperloop Its founder, Josh Jijel and Director of Passenger Experience, Sarah Lucian, was conducted at the company’s 500-meter test site in Las Vegas, knowing that more than 400 pre-trials were conducted without passengers to ensure a safe and secure experience.

هايبرلوب hyperloop It is a high-speed transmission system that relies on vacuum tubes, at low pressure. Through the tubes, capsules with a huge thrust force are released without friction with the walls of the tube due to the presence of a magnetic field between them.

The flight cut off a capsule هايبرلوب hyperloop There are 500 meters in 15 seconds Which The capsule has reached speed Hyperloop EMine 172 kilometers per hour however this is It is not the true speed that the capsule can reach because the speed of the capsule will exceed the speed of sound لهذه The capsules can reach 1220 km per hour.

Concept هايبرلوب hyperloop It is an innovation of the American engineer Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, and this idea could change a lot of travel in the future, because it is less expensive than high-speed trains, is more safe and will save people wasted years of transportation to travel between countries.

The company aims to offer vehicles هايبرلوب hyperloop A productivity of 28 passengers while adhering to all safety standards, and it is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun studying the use of the Hyperloop system to connect several regions in the Kingdom, accelerate passenger and cargo transportation, and support economic development.

Sultan Ahmed bin Suleiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated Virgin Hyperloop That an experience هايبرلوب hyperloop It represents a revolution and the beginning of a new era of the high-speed mobility of people and goods.


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