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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid was famous for being the ruler of Dubai, which is ultimately one of the seven emirates included in the United Arab Emirates!

And when the name of the man appears in the media, many people are easy to describe him as the ruler of Dubai, without adding that he is also the Vice President of the State and the Prime Minister!

And when he recently went out to announce the “golden residency” that he would grant to specific groups, he would announce that with his three characteristics, then he would invite the beneficiaries of this ten-year residency to come to the UAE as a whole and not to Dubai only, and he used to say that his bet is on These groups he wants in all the seven Emirates, not in the famous emirate alone!

As for the categories that it promises to obtain a golden residency, they are as follows: High school graduates, engineers in the fields of computer engineering, electronics, programming, electricity, and biotechnology .. Those with degrees in artificial intelligence, epidemiology, and viruses .. Doctors and with them PhDs. … and others … and others … to the end of the list!

From what he mentioned in his autobiography, Gaddafi once invited him to Libya, and asked him to establish a city that resembles Dubai on the Libyan lands … and he did not delay in responding to the invitation, because his conviction was and still is that every Arab country needs Dubai, especially on its land, and that he Willing to help with that with all he can!

It is rumored that he sent Minister Muhammad Al-Gergawi to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and then he himself went after him, perhaps Libyas Dubai will find its way to the light!

But something did not happen for many reasons that he explains in his biography, and the most important reason was that the will on the Libyan side did not exist .. He mentioned that he asked to wander around Tripoli alone without a convoy and without escort, and when he finished his tour he returned sadly, wondering between himself and himself: How is this The case of Tripoli, which is rich in oil and gas ?! … The Dubai that we know and know has neither oil nor gas … but it has a will and there are minds next to the will!

Announcing his golden residency, he added a golden phrase as well, saying: We want the minds and talents to remain and continue with us.

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