E19 knock my door 19 HD .. Continue now You knock my door 19 in Arabic completely


We showed you during You knock my door 19 series Exciting events, after the show ended on Fox TV, which broadcasts the series in Turkish on Wednesday evening every week. The new episode tonight in Arabic.

You Knock Baby Episode 19 full HD

The events continued in the series Knock My Babi episode 19 inside the company, and Serkan and Ida clashed over and over after many quarrels due to what happened with the intervention of Celine and the rest of the company’s employees. .

You can follow up on Wednesday evening to watch the episode on Fox Channel, and that the broadcast of episode 19, the nineteenth series, knock my door, 19, will be on the next frequency at exactly nine oclock in the evening, UAE time, and the episode will be transmitted at eight oclock in the evening in Saudi, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, as it is done It was broadcast at exactly seven oclock, Egyptian local time.

Fox TV frequency knock my door 19 translated

You can get the frequency of the channel that broadcasts the series on Wednesday evening of every week as follows: –

  • Satellite: Nilesat.
  • Frequency: 11296.
  • Coding: 27500.
  • Polarization: vertical.

Knock baby episode 19 now

During the announcement, Trouk Babi came, 19 strong love stories between Ida and Serkan, and this appeared to you as we have attached it to you in the first section, and we will continue it in the rest of the episode.

Ida made great progress inside Serkan’s heart after what she did and did, and that as we watched during You knock on the door of Episode 19 in full in Arabic yesterday, and how Serkan erupted when Ida was able to provoke him through the roses that came to her and responded that he had no income.


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