Egypt Group .. The ninth point is sufficient to qualify for the Nations Cup


The Comoros national team scored a two-goal victory over Kenya in the fourth round of Group G of African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The Comoros national team topped the group with 8 points, followed by Egypt with 5 points, then Kenya with 3 points, and Togo at the bottom of the group with one point.

The Egyptian national team will be a guest to Togo in the fourth round next Tuesday.

Each group of teams will qualify for the African Nations Cup, scheduled in Cameroon in early 2022.

9 points are sufficient to qualify

Based on the results of the group so far, reaching the ninth point in the group qualifies for the tournament.

Comoros position

The Comoros national team is close to qualifying, as it needs to draw at home against Togo in the next round, fifth, to reach its score of 9 points and qualify officially without considering the outcome of its last match against Egypt.

The Comoros national team, which participated in the African Cup of Nations for the first time in its history in 2019 in Egypt, won the qualifiers over Kenya and Togo, while the matches of Egypt and Kenya were tied.

Egypt’s position

4 points to qualify

As for the Egyptian team, they need to collect 4 points from their matches against Togo and Kenya outside the ground in the next two rounds.

The national team needs to win the Togo match scheduled for next Tuesday, in order for a draw in the fifth round against Kenya to reach the ninth point and qualify officially without considering the last round against the Comoros Islands

In the event that Egypt tied against Togo in the next round, it is possible that the Pharaohs qualify from the fifth round by winning against Kenya.

The Egyptian team collected 5 points from two draws against Kenya in Burj Al Arab and Comoros outside home, before winning against Togo with a single goal at Cairo Stadium.

Two draws may suffice to qualify

The Egyptian team may have a draw against Togo and Kenya in the next two rounds, but with two conditions.

The first is a 2-2 draw by Egypt against Kenya, or any draw greater than 1-1, which is the result of the first-leg match in Burj Al Arab.

The second condition is Togo’s draw or loss to the Comoros, so that the group’s position before the last round is as follows: (Comoros 9, Egypt 7, Kenya 4, and Togo 3), so that the match between Egypt and Comoros in the last round is a foregone conclusion.

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