Egypt’s ambassador in Accra participates in the World AIDS Day


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Ambassador Imad Hanna, Egypt’s Ambassador in Accra, participated in the revival of the “World AIDS Day”, which was organized by the Joint United Nations Program to Combat HIV, in the presence of Amina Mohamed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and heads and representatives of the regional offices of the United Nations and international agencies specialized in Ghana, and a number of children infected with HIV and those with special needs.

Hanna delivered a speech on this occasion, in which he praised the role played by the United Nations in combating HIV and preventing discrimination against it, calling on African societies to show solidarity in facing this virus, and also calling on those infected with it to challenge the disease and coexist with it in a way that enables them to be active individuals In the communities they belong to.

In his dialogue with the participants, Hanna discussed Egypt’s unique experience in combating AIDS, in cooperation with the Joint United Nations Program to Combat AIDS, by adopting a serious plan to eradicate the virus by 2030, through the intensification of programs and efforts for effective surveillance and awareness of the counseling centers for the infected with the disease and testing.

He also referred to Egypt’s participation in the United Nations program that seeks to coordinate joint efforts to ensure prevention from the AIDS virus, which aims to achieve a national commitment to three “zeros”: zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination against the infected, and zero disease-related deaths, along with providing social support groups and sessions. Therapeutic and medicinal education for the infected and their families with the aim of a good understanding of the disease and ways to deal with it, as Egypt ranks among the countries in the world least affected by the virus. In their conversations with the ambassador, the attendees praised Egypt’s efforts in combating the virus and improving the public health of the citizen through what they are pursuing of the state’s initiatives in this regard.

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