El-Sisi’s victory on the authority of her husband: “He saw in me all the qualities that he liked and was


09:18 PM

Thursday 26 November 2020


Mrs. Intissar al-Sisi, wife of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said that she was associated with President El-Sisi at the time of her high school studies.

And she continued during her meeting on the program “Your Excellency” on “DMC” channel, Thursday evening: “We are relatives, the mother of President Sisi, my maternal aunt. It was known that he had a special nature, and he had a distinguished opinion and a very human being, and I was known to be very calm in the family”.

Speaking about President Sisi, she added: “He told his mother that he saw all the qualities that he liked, and then he came to my grandmother, who is his aunt, and I said you will be remembered well because you are the one standing beside us, and Payne was a responsible person.”

And she continued: “He was an officer and knew that he would be responsible .. and he knew that he would leave the house and want someone to take his mind from his house.” She added: “He was not always there because of his work in the armed forces, but he was always in contact with us, as if he was with us.”

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