Elegant and simple .. Watch the appearance of the Egyptian theater star at her engagement party


The artist made sure Sarah Darzawi The star of the Masr Theater for the participation of her followers through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, with a new photo of her during her celebration of her engagement from outside the artistic community.

Sarah Darzawi commented on the photo, saying, “Praise be to God, a lot of praise, good and blessed.”

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Shine Sarah Darzawi In the picture, she had an elegant and soft look, where she wore a long-sleeved, medium-length, beige dress, and the upper part was characterized by elegant lace fabric, while the lower part was based on the latest fashion trend.
And she shied Sarah Darzawi Elegant shoes with high heels in golden color, and decorated with some simple accessories, giving her an integrated look, and her image won the admiration of her Instagram followers.

As for the aesthetics, Sarah Darzawi relied on the curly strands of her hair that fell on her shoulders, and she did not exaggerate the use of cosmetics, but put some touches that revealed her beauty.

Sarah Darzawy is an Egyptian actress who started her artistic career with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi on the program “Very Very” and then in Teatro Egypt, which includes a number of talented young people, then moved to MBC and changed the name from Teatro Egypt to the Egyptian Theater, and it is known that she was veiled and then took off the veil in 2015 when they moved to MBC.

Sara Darzawy, the star of the Misr Theater, said that she started acting before her work as a teacher at the Faculty of Arts, from high school, and that happened with her by chance, after one of her colleagues offered her to star in a theatrical act in the school theater and her performance was very good, and from here she discovered her acting talent.

She continued that her journey to the chair of the lecturer was not easy, as she had been studying in the Faculty of Science, failed and succeeded for five years, then she decided to transfer to the Faculty of Arts in the Department of “Criticism and Drama and Theater”, and informed her family that she would become a teacher with her, after years of her opposition to the transfer from The College of Sciences was indeed the first in its class since the first year.

Sarah added that after she had excelled in the Faculty of Arts, her mother apologized to her for her refusal to transfer her from the Faculty of Science, and to suspend her for all these years.

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