Elham Shaheen in a bold dialogue with Lamis El Hadidy: She remained a movie star after the movie “Al Halfoot” in front of Adel Imam … I could not bear the presence of a man in my life … And Nour El Sherif is the most comfortable actor standing in front of him.


Superstar Ilham Shaheen confirmed that she is not afraid to present roles that appear ugly or old. He is even the mother of an actor close to her age, indicating that she prefers to play roles that actresses are afraid of. She added during statements to her program “Last Word” with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, that she is tall Time chooses to present important issues in their films and respectable works so that they are different.

She revealed that the films must be presented in a way that helps to solve and confront problems, so the film must carry a cause that empowers women

Actress Ilham Shaheen also revealed that she decided to do a movie “Curfew”, on an exceptional basis, as she decided not to present other films after “A Day for Sat”, as it is the 100th film, saying, “I was young, and I used to say that I made 100 films.” A curfew “caught her eye from the first scene of a woman coming out of prison after 20 years and she decided to do the movie.

Elham Shaheen indicated that she personally chose the details of the “Faten” character that she provides in the events of the movie “Curfew”, as she introduces the character of a woman who has served 20 years in prison, referring during her statements on the “Last Word” program with the journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi on Ontv channel. She was not afraid to appear ugly or far from her, and that she chose to wear a wig of black color to completely change her shape and changed it by herself by adding some locks of white hair.

Superstar Elham Shaheen said that she became a star after her co-starring in the movie “Al Helfoot” with Leader Adel Imam. During her statements, she said that she considered herself a TV star before “Al Halfoot”, but after this movie she became considered one of the movie stars.

In another context, she said that there are Christian women who sent her letters of gratitude, after the screening of the film “One Sefer”, which discussed the issue of divorce of Christian women, noting that the value of the film lies in the issue it discusses.

The actor most comfortable standing in front of him is the late star Nour al-Sharif, as she stood in front of him in cinema, television and theater, explaining that he is a distinctive, cultured and different person, and about her personal life, she said that she practiced motherhood over her brother Amir, saying: “The first thing he knew was pronounced was Mama Mimi. “.

She also talked about marriage, indicating that she can no longer bear the presence of a man in her life, saying: “It is too late to be able to bear a man in one house, salvation. I tried and failed once and twice.”

She added that she inspected the existence of feelings in her life, but love and marriage is a destiny and nothing has been arranged, and she indicated that she is very frank and does not know the concession, and that these characteristics caused the anger of many of the characters around.

The program “A Final Word” will be broadcast on ON Channel at 9 pm from Sunday to Tuesday, with Lamis El Hadidi.

On the other hand, the star Ilham Shaheen sent a message to the world from the center of Saqqara, while she was in the conference announcing the largest discoveries of antiquities 2020, which witnessed more than 100 sarcophagi and 40 pharaonic statues, where she published several pictures of her participation today, through her personal account on the Instagram site .

Elham Shaheen wrote: “All greetings and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani … and Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities … Impress the world with the great archaeological discoveries … Egypt is full of treasures of the Pharaonic civilization … the oldest, greatest and first civilization in history. . Long live Egypt”.


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