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English newspapers have highlighted the infection of the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, with the new Corona virus, “Covid 19”.

Yesterday, Friday, the Egyptian Football Association announced that Mohamed Salah was infected with the new Corona virus, while he was in the national team camp, in preparation for the match against Togo, scheduled for today, Saturday, at 9 pm at Cairo International Stadium, within the third round competitions, of qualifiers African Nations Cup.

The international newspapers’ reactions to Mohamed Salah’s infection with Corona came as follows:


A strong blow to Liverpool … Mohamed Salah was infected with the Corona virus

The “Mirror” newspaper confirmed that Mohamed Salah’s infection with the Corona virus is a strong blow to Liverpool, as the player will thus be absent from the Leicester match scheduled for November 22 in the English Premier League.

The British newspaper said that Mohamed Salah will be subject to quarantine for 10 days.

Mohamed Salah was injured days after attending his brother’s wedding in Egypt

“The Sun” said that Salah’s injury is a new blow to Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, in light of the absences he suffers from.

The British newspaper added that Mohamed Salah did not abide by the precautionary measures during his brother’s wedding, as he did not wear the “muzzle” optimally, and he also danced amid a small crowd of guests.

The newspaper indicated that Mohamed Salah is in high spirits, and he is not showing any symptoms of the coronavirus.

Daily Mail:

Klopp in a difficult position because of Mohamed Salah:

The British newspaper reported that Jurgen Klopp, the coach of the Liverpool team, is in a difficult position after Mohamed Salah was injured by Corona.

The newspaper pointed out that Salah’s injury came a few days after attending the wedding of his brother “Nasr”.

The English club Liverpool took its first serious steps to respond to the news of the infection of the Egyptian Pharaoh Mohamed Salah, with the new Corona virus, which was announced by the Egyptian Football Association, yesterday, after positive samples of Salah, in the camp of the first national team currently held in Cairo in preparation for the two confrontations Togo.

Liverpool move

Some English press reports revealed today, Saturday, that Liverpool decided to move and sent a letter to Jabaliya, to find out the developments in Salah’s condition, after he was infected with the virus.

The British “Mirror” newspaper reported that the English club wants to fully clarify the situation about the player’s condition, and his position on the matches, so that the date on which Salah will be absent from the stadiums is officially determined.

The club wants Salah to return to England as soon as possible, so that he undergoes medical treatment under the supervision of the Liverpool medical team, so that they can prepare him for the next matches.
In this regard, the Egyptian Pharaoh occupied the global search sites and made the headlines of English newspapers, after it was announced yesterday that he was confirmed to be infected with the new Corona virus.

The English newspaper “Mirror”, with its two copies on the paper and the website, was one of the first international newspapers interested in injuring Salah, as the Egyptian pharaoh occupied the middle of the paper, under the title: “Movid-19 Salah’s infection with the Corona virus puts Klopp in trouble.”

Salah is absent from the fateful and important confrontation that awaits his comrades in the national team, this evening, Saturday, in front of Togo, within the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon 2022.

Al-Badri is looking for his first victory since he assumed the technical leadership of the Pharaohs last September, after he fought two matches with the two teams in the qualifiers … where the national team ranks third in Group G with two points.



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