Essam Al-Hadari officially announces his retirement: “the situation remains impossible.”


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Essam El-Hadary, captain of the Egyptian national team and former goalkeeper of Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Ismaili, announced today, Wednesday, his formal retirement from football and his intention to go to training.

Al-Hadari said in a group of tweets on his Twitter account: “A land with what God has ordained, you will not be the richest of people.” Praise be to God. I did my message perfectly. And God bears witness that I spared no effort nor sweat while wearing my country’s national team shirt, which I was honored with. And with my colleagues, I achieved achievements that will remain engraved in gold letters throughout history .. I have never, and will never forget, one day the credit for my football career after our Lord Almighty is Al-Ahly Club of the Century and the greatest club in the universe and its great fans are the ones who made the name and stardom of Issam El-Hadary. I owe her and the Al-Ahly club, which I adore with everything ».

He added: «It is impossible to maintain the situation. If it lasted for someone else, it would not have reached you. A lot of talk has been scattered over the past few days about joining this club and that. With full respect for all clubs. I am true to myself, especially in those moments when I make difficult decisions. I announce very clearly that I have decided to retire permanently from football .. I will not join any club and there is no such thing as misleading words. I am on the cusp of a new challenging experience. I took training courses in Europe and spent periods of time at international clubs. And here I am ready and thank God for all your support to start my career in the world of training ».

He concluded: “All thanks to my fellow players, whom I have witnessed over the generations … and thanks also to every coach I trained on by his hands … and to the administrative and medical bodies. And to my sisters the workers who helped me .. And my biggest thanks go to my beloved Egypt. I hope that the curtain falls on my football career today and I did not shorten the right of anyone.

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