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Over the course of a week, Dr. Badran Muhammad Idris, Dr. Muhammad Wahba, Dr. Medhat Morcos, Dr. Raghda Al-Dakhhani, Dr. Ahmed Al-Halouji, Dr. Kamal El-Din Ahmed Al-Dars, Dr. Rami Karim Al-Deeb (35 years) were martyred, in addition to dozens of wounded, and other martyrs The rest of the medical staff.

Many of them are sad and painful human stories, and many of them have also made real heroics, in which there is a lot of professional honor and selflessness. The young doctor Rami Karim, who said before his death: “I mean, I will come to the one who is in need of me.” This was his response to his wife, who was afraid that he would leave her And their little daughters and demanded him to take leave. The truth is that the increase in the number of medical martyrs takes a new burden on the health system in Egypt, which suffers from many problems, whether in terms of the few numbers of doctors or the weakness of the capabilities and means of protection, as it is known that there is one Egyptian doctor for 1100 individuals, while the number adopted globally He is a doctor for every 400 people, and that there are 220,000 Egyptian doctors registered in the Syndicate, of whom 120,000 immigrated outside the country, and that last year 3,500 doctors resigned from the Ministry of Health, the highest number in the history of the ministry. Despite the shortage of doctors, the lack of salaries and capabilities, the medical teams have performed heroic deeds in the face of the deadly virus, and their exceptional pension demand has become a duty for the state, especially in light of their weak salaries..

The Doctors Syndicate initiative to support the families of the physicians ’martyrs, despite the nobility of the purpose and the goal, and although it“ is not a substitute for claiming the right of doctors to an exceptional pension, ”but in reality it should not be seen as a solution nor the best way for doctors to obtain their rights by legal means in the pension. The extraordinary.

Caring for the families of the martyrs is not a charitable act nor zakat money, but rather a duty on the state and society to support those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others living, and that the right of the martyr to have his children live a decent life is not only a duty of the state, but it must be one of its priorities..

Unfortunately, there are some conservatives who insist on dealing with doctors as if they are prudent, in which they review their powers, and forget that they are working hard, not for the sake of the shot and the picture..

The exceptional pension, the provision of protection means for doctors, the second raising of the infection allowance, and a comprehensive review of the salaries of those working in hospitals and public institutions … a demand that not only achieves justice, but also defends the values ​​of knowledge, work and effort in every location.

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