“Excluded memberships and player registration” .. Chairman of the temporary committee is revealed


11:06 PM

Sunday 29 November 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

Counselor Ahmed Bakri, head of the Cairo Court of Appeal, head of the temporary committee to manage Zamalek club affairs, revealed the roles that the committee will assume under his chairmanship during the coming period.

Bakri said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, on Sunday evening, that the committee will take over the management of the White Club in all its affairs and internal conditions in addition to the needs of the football team.

On the registration of Zamalek players, which will be presented tomorrow evening, Monday, he said that he is about to appoint a new ball committee to fully examine the registration of the players, to deliver them on time to the Football Association, without affecting the decision to suspend the club’s board of directors, due to financial irregularities.

The head of the Cairo Court of Appeal, with regard to the exempt memberships approved by Mortada Mansour, the suspended president of the Zamalek club, confirmed that he would examine this file completely and decide on it later.

The head of Zamalek’s temporary committee stressed that financial irregularities will be investigated by the prosecution, and will not affect the club’s future or players ’registration.

Regarding his biography, Bakri said that he was born in Fayoum governorate and graduated in 1980, and he included in the judicial work, starting with the Public Prosecution in all its various degrees, from chief prosecutor until he reached the rank of first public attorney, then he graduated to work as president in the Cairo Court of Appeal. President of the Giza Criminal Court.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports headed by Minister Ashraf Sobhi decided to suspend the board of directors of Zamalek Club due to financial irregularities, with the board of directors of the White Castle temporarily excluded until the conclusion of the Public Prosecution investigations and what the results will yield.

The Ministry of Sports appointed Counselor Ahmed Bakri Mohamed Hamida as president of the club temporarily.

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