Farajani Sassi bids farewell to Mortada Mansour’s family: Thank you from my heart for every sweet thing


Tunisian Ferghani Sassi, the Zamalek game maker, bade farewell to the Mortada Mansour family, who left the White Castle, where he published his photo with Mortada Mansour, the former club president, and Amir Mortada Mansour, the former football manager, and commented: “Thank you from my heart to you for everything sweet I saw from you. We were one family and heart. I wish you success always. ”

Today, the appointed committee to manage the Zamalek club, headed by Counselor Ahmed Al-Bakry, receives all financial, administrative and technical matters inside the Zamalek Club after the issuance of a decision by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to appoint a temporary committee to replace Mortada Mansour’s council, which was suspended yesterday.

Once the new committee takes over its duties, it will take the first decision to address the banks and official financial and administrative bodies that the Zamalek club deals with to change the approval of signatures, so that he will be one of the members of the new committee instead of Counselor Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, Vice President of Zamalek, who was dismissed from his position with the Council.

Today, a committee from the Youth and Sports Directorate heads to headquarters Zamalek club To receive the club after the issuance of a decision by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to suspend Mortada Mansour’s council and appoint a committee to manage the club during the coming period.



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