FilGoal | News | A source from Sundowns to Joule: Sereno may be punished for his statements about Al-Ahly


Sundowns officials are angry with Gaston Sereno after his statements about playing for Al-Ahly, knows

A source from Sundowns told “We are outraged by Cernos statements, which he said yesterday about his request to leave the team to move to Al-Ahly.”

He added, “Sereno may be subject to punishment according to a clause in his contract with the team stating that no statements be made until after returning to the club.”

He stressed, “If the statements offend the reputation of the club, the penalty may be heavy, and this is what happened yesterday.”

He continued, “There are those who are pressuring him from the outside to speak to the media. But his departure or continuation is a decision of the club because it has a contract with the team that extends for 4 years.”

He continued: “He received a good offer, but he is an important player for us and the decision in the end is for the club alone. Even if they agreed to his departure, it is sad that his departure was this way.”

“The administration will discuss whether or not to punish him, but we must first focus on our match against Stelenus.”

And Sereno had stated his desire to move to Al-Ahly.

The 29-year-old said in comments published on the site Soccerladuma: “This is my wish (to leave Sundowns).”

Then he added, “But it does not depend on me, Sundowns must agree to the offer.”

South African reports stated that the deal was not concluded due to a difference in its value between Al-Ahly and Sundowns.

The Soccerladuma report wrote that Al-Ahly had offered 16.5 million pounds to recruit the player, but Sundowns wanted a higher value.

She explained that Sundowns offered Al-Ahly to conclude a reciprocal deal for 78 million pounds, according to which he would receive Ayman Ashraf and Hussein Al-Shahat in exchange for Sereno.

The report concluded that negotiations between the two parties had stopped.

The transfer market in South Africa closes on Monday, while in Egypt it ends on December 6.


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