FilGoal | News | Ahmed Mortada in the Joule: I am the owner of an initiative not to fanaticism .. We all win because the cup will not leave Egypt


Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek, stated that he is the owner of an initiative not to prejudice.

Ahmed Mortada told “I am the owner of an initiative,” No fanaticism, “and I am the first to ask for it in 3 years.

He continued, “I always said,” Come, travel in one plane and stay in the same hotel, so I am happy now to respond to my initiative by officials. “

He continued: “I hope the match will be a great celebration because we will all come out winners. The cup will not leave Egypt.”

And he continued: “As a member of the Zamalek board of directors, I say that the council has done all its work, as well as the players who have made the club fans happy over the past period.”

He added, “We will sit down with the players to motivate them and promise them rewards. We have already promised them and we have fulfilled all promises.”

He continued: “We have a medical device at the highest level that performs all preventive measures. We subject the players to a swab every two days to check on them.”

He completed: “We clean the place twice before and after training, and we will apply the same procedures in the closed camp.”

Zamalek faces Al-Ahly on Friday evening at Cairo Stadium in the final of the century to determine the champion of the African Champions League.

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