FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly addresses the Hand Union to transfer the date of the Al-Jaish and Zamalek matches to complete its list of youth


Al-Ahly club sent a letter to the Egyptian Handball Federation requesting that the match date be moved to the last first round of the linked league championship for the current season 2020-2021.

The text of Al-Ahly’s speech said: “We indicated earlier that holding these remaining matches will lead the team to play with an incomplete list after a large number of players were dispensed at the end of the previous season.”

And he continued, “In the event that there is insistence on holding the remaining matches in the old list, I hope that these matches will be carried over to the last round of the linked league championship for the current season 2020-2021, so that the technical staff can equip players with the two associated teams born in 2000 and 2002 to complete the list of the first team.”

Apart from the text of the speech that called for the postponement, Al-Ahly explained on its official website: “Al-Ahly had an explicit desire to complete the competition, despite the decision not to complete last season’s matches from the Handball Federation, and despite the team’s delay in the arrangement, which was confirmed by Jawhar Nabil, a member of the Board of Directors. During a meeting of the federation with representatives of clubs, in support of efforts to return sports activity. ”

Al-Ahly continued on its official website: “After officials interfered with the decision to complete all sports competitions, the club concluded a number of deals and dispensed with a large number of players, based on the Federation’s earlier announcement that the season would be completed with the new lists, as the two Tunisians, Iskandar bin Zayed and Youssef Maarouf, left next to Mahmoud Fayez. Ahmed Khairy and Mahmoud General are also the duo Omar Hajjaj and Hadi Hamidou.

Al-Ahly’s statement, after revealing the text of the speech, indicated: “Al-Ahly will have to play decisive matches against Al-Jaysh and Zamalek without the new deals contracted with them, in addition to the absence of a regulation that allows the late players to be called to participate in these confrontations after joining clubs in the UAE, Romania, Tunisia and others inside Egypt.” .

The Egyptian Handball Federation announced on its official page the resumption of the remainder of last season in the old list, and the establishment of the last two rounds of last season, similar to what happened in the European Champions League.

The official page of the Egyptian Federation revealed that it had obtained a fatwa from the International Federation headed by Hassan Mustafa, stating approval to enter the last and decisive stages of last season’s league with the old list.

Only the last two rounds remain from last season’s league, and Zamalek need to win both games to win the title, while Al-Ahly needs to win the two matches to play a decisive match.

The Egyptian Federation had revealed the resumption of the last two rounds of the 2019-2020 season league on November 12 and 13, without announcing the list’s position at the time.

The Egyptian Federation revealed that it had received complaints from some clubs regarding the list, and dealt objectively and was keen on the International Federation referendum to secure the decision and leave it legally.


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