FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly’s first response to “racism against Shikabala”


Shikabala scores and celebrates the goal of Zamalek’s tie against Al-Ahly

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, commented on the “campaigns of racism against Shikabala,” stressing, “I absolutely refuse to insult anyone.”

Abdel Hafeez responded to “what Shikabala is exposed to by some of the masses,” saying: “Competition and belonging should not exceed the limit.”

“If things increase at the limit, they get out of control, and the time has come for everyone to be educated that football is a gain and a loss,” he added in his statements on DMC.

He stressed, “I totally reject insulting and insulting any person. I always say that I reject that to anyone in the sports system, and I certainly will not reject it in part and accept it in part. I totally reject all of that.”

And Abdel Hafeez answered the question (Did a player react inappropriately to the fans justified by public pressure?) He said: “I will clarify my personal conviction with which some may disagree.”

And he explained, “Whatever the extent of the abuse of the audience, the player and the official must exercise restraint and not respond.”

And he added, “When the behavior is from an official at the time, the player responds, but if he is from the crowd, the best thing is to remain silent.”

He explained, “Remaining silence and not responding makes things end quickly, but the response makes them continue.”

Al-Ahly was crowned champion of the African Champions League for the ninth time in its history, after beating Zamalek with two goals to one. (See the details).

After seven years of absence, Al-Ahly grabbed their favorite championship with the scenario of “Ghadara .. Ghadara”, as described by match commentator Issam Shawali in an exciting match against Zamalek.

And that title became the ninth in its history to continue its unique record as the most crowned champions and qualify for the Club World Cup in Qatar in February 2021.

Al-Ahly also guaranteed its participation in the African Super Cup next December in Cairo in front of the Confederation’s champion, the Moroccan Borkan Club.

This is in addition to that because that qualification for the final was No. 13 in the history of Al-Ahly, which is a record high that no one has preceded before.

Al-Ahly scored 36 goals during that past season of the Champions League, which is a historic record that no one had previously scored before either.

The previous number was 31 goals and was also recorded in the name of Al-Ahly, equal to Enyimba of Nigeria.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimane won the second African title in his history after he won it for the first time four years ago at the expense of Zamalek himself, but at the time he was coach of South African Mamelodi Sundowns.


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