FilGoal | News | Ashraf Qassem: We have registered 34 players in the African list of Zamalek … and the position of Amir Adel


Ashraf Qassem, general supervisor of football in Zamalek, announced that 34 players have been included in his club’s African list for the new season, and 29 local players.

“We have registered 34 players in Africa,” said Ashraf Kassem on “Sada Al Balad” channel.

This season, the Confederation will allow 40 players to be included in the squad lists.

Regarding the local list, he said: “We have registered 29 players except for Kabongo Kasungu, including four guards.”

When asked about the offers to any goalkeeper, he replied, “If he befits him and Zamalek, we will see, but other than that, every player will remain with us.”

Regarding Amir Adel, “Alexander Jakobson” and whether he would join the club, he replied, “Jaime Pacheco, the team’s coach, will make the final decision.”

As for Ferjani Sassi and Ashraf Bencharki, he said: “I cannot imagine Zamalek without them, and we are working to provide all the team’s dues.”

Ashraf Qasim went on to talk about facing Al-Jaysh in the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup, saying: “An indivisible meeting, and we must win and overcome what happened in the final of the African Champions League.”


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