FilGoal | News | Ashraf Sobhi: All those in contact with Salah will be subject to the Corona swab … and we have fulfilled Liverpool’s demands


Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed that all those in contact with Mohamed Salah, the star of the national team and Liverpool, had tested Corona virus, after the player was infected.

The Minister of Sports said: “All those in contact with Salah will be tested for Corona.”

And he added, in his statements on MBC Egypt, “But I want to reassure everyone of all health measures.”

He added, “I met Salah once with the national team at the beginning of the camp, and again at the party.”

And he stressed, “The protocol at the ceremony honoring Salah was very accurate with Salah’s business manager and Liverpool club, and all the club requested was implemented.”

The minister answered a question (Why was Salah injured in Egypt despite not being injured in England?), He said: “Any person is expected to be infected at any time.”

And he added, “But the most important thing is how to deal with it after an injury, and we care about good, just like our concern for all young people and everyone.”

He concluded, “Praise be to God for Salah being with us, so that we can treat him with the Egyptian protocol, and God forbid what he will do.”

Salah will be officially absent from the Egyptian national team’s match against Togo on Saturday in the third round of the African qualifiers for the African nations, while the position of the fourth round match in Togo on 17th is not yet clear.

And the Football Association stated in an official statement today, Friday, that the Egyptian national team star, Mohamed, was infected with the Corona virus, minutes before it was removed minutes later.

The Football Association published a second statement in which he said: “The Ministry of Health laboratories indicated that 3 players from the Egyptian and Togo teams were positive, which were conducted for them before the two teams match on Saturday.”

A source from Jabaliya – who requested anonymity – told earlier about the reason for the deletion of the statement: “We are supposed to conduct two surveys before announcing the result in an official statement.”

He continued, “But there are some people who rushed and announced his injury.”

He added, “Salah had already performed a second swab a little while ago, and we are now waiting for the result to confirm the positive of the first sample, or the second swab is negative.”

The source concluded, “We were not supposed to announce the results of the first swab at that time.”


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