FilGoal | News | Ashraf Sobhi from the Joule: An initiative not to fanaticism is not just words … We need the media and the support of club officials


Not just words. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, is keen to activate an initiative that moves everywhere to spread it, and it is “No fanaticism.”

A gracious guest solution The man who has led the Ministry of Youth and Sports since 2018, and played a major role in organizing Egypt for the 2019 African Nations Cup, with many challenges, as our country won the honor in a short time instead of Cameroon, and it was the first tournament that included 24 teams.

Egypt’s success in organizing the Nations Cup in a distinctive way, and then hosting other important events in the world of sport, such as the ceremony for selecting the best player in the continent and then receiving the awaited World Cup, raises the ambition for the success of an initiative not to fanaticism.

Ashraf Sobhi said during the seminar on “We are investing a very important and excellent moment to convey our message to everyone, which is a match for the first time that takes place in the African Champions League final between two Egyptian parties, Zamalek and Al-Ahly, Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

“This investment is an important initiative. We do not say to anyone who gave up on your team’s encouragement, rather the opposite. Encourage, but in the context of happiness and pride in the club you love. Rejoice, within a respectable sporting framework.”

“We are moving now because we have seen that the time has come to monitor an important phenomenon, and it is time to follow it up,” he said.

But. What makes no fanaticism an effective campaign?

Ashraf Sobhi stressed, “No fanaticism is not just words. It is a very important message and a plan that initially extends for a year.”

“Initially, it is a message initiated by the ministry with political direction from the Egyptian state. A message that has met with acceptance by the media as evidence of our presence and rapid action in major media institutions,” he explained.

“With the media crowd to make the initiative successful, this situation is transmitted to everyone. To those in the stadium and around it. A message that reaches all parties to the system that is also responsible for the success of the initiative,” he said.

“There are 3 main trends: the media and its controls, and we have received excellent acceptance in this direction. The younger generations have moved to put in place educational programs that raise awareness and inform people of the troubles that result from intolerance. Finally, the control mechanisms for every deviation from the text.”

He added, “It is also possible to move with sports institutions such as clubs.”

“Sports, between brackets, and football is the fastest way to convey positive ideas and an important message to the world,” he stressed.

Sobhi stressed the importance of the role of the media, saying, “The Egypt first initiative, no fanaticism, will not succeed without the media,” praising the support of Karam Jabr, head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, and all leaders in the various press institutions he visited and noted a great welcome on their part.

The initiative is not limited to football only, as Ashraf Sobhi explained, nor does it target the African Final, but it also takes advantage of the great media interest in this important event to address millions of fans to reach its message in a match in which Egypt is the real winner.

“We will not get bored. It does not apply to a match only, but for a long time,” he said.

On the other hand, Samia Jamal, CEO of “Sarmadi” company, said during the seminar: “Frankly, the (No Intolerance) campaign was very timely and very important.“.

As a site in the Joule and as a group of eternal sites, we are honored to be part of the initiative and we are happy to harness all our capabilities in the field of content or technology to implement those great ideas on the ground.“.

Our network of sites, on top of it in the Joule, has more than 15 million readers per month, in addition to the presence of a force on social media sites that matches more than 35 million followers.“.

“Young people represent our largest segment, and we are pleased to launch interactive competitions and games and organize meetings that help to reject fanaticism and support all successful models in this direction, whether from fans, athletes or officials.”


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