FilGoal | News | At the age of 45, and for two games, the former Brazil player returns from retirement to avoid relegation by his team


Brazilian Marcelinho Paraiba returned from retirement at the age of 45 in order to help his team, “Trezi”, in Brazilian third division, to avoid relegation.

Marcelino announced his abrupt retirement last March with the Perellima team, according to the Brazilian website Globusporte.

On September 18, he tested the new assistant coach for Trezi, and the team has been fighting since then to avoid relegation.

The team occupies the penultimate place with 17 points after 16 rounds and only two matches remain until the end of the season.

Paraiba began training with his colleagues and was registered in the squad’s list of players in next Saturday’s match against Vila Nova.

If he does, he will play the game at the age of 45, 6 months and 11 days.

The Brazilian international, who has played 5 international matches in a Samba shirt since 2001, hopes to ensure the survival of his team, as it is two points separated from his closest competitors.

Marcelino played for Trezzi in three previous states between 2017 and 2019

Marcelino started his career in 1991 with Campinense and played for Flamengo, Gremio and Sao Paulo in the Brazilian.

At the European level, the Brazilian playmaker played 5 seasons with Hertha Berlin between 2001 and 2006 and also played for Turkey’s Trabzon Sport and Germany’s Wolfsburg.


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