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Bruno Fernandez – Manchester United – West Bromwich

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandez was not happy because of what happened in his team’s meeting against West Bromwich Albion, but he believes that the most important victory is.

Bruno led his team, Manchester United, to victory over West Bromwich Albion in the English Premier League, securing the first victory for United this season over Old Trafford in the league.

Bruno said in comments, most notably his club’s website: “Of course it is important to win this match. We needed to get these three points.”

“It was a difficult match. We could have done much better. We have the qualities that make us do better.”

Bruno scored United’s only goal from the penalty spot in the 54th minute, after an exciting minute in the game.

Initially, the referee awarded a West Brom penalty kick to Bruno in the 53rd minute before returning to VCR and deciding to cancel his decision.

Immediately afterwards, he awarded a penalty kick in favor of United after West Brom defender blocked Juan Matas cross with his hand.

Bruno took charge of the kick, before West Brom goalkeeper Sam Johnston flew in front of him and tackled the kick, but the referee decided to return it again due to the goalkeeper’s progress.

The second time Bruno successfully converted the penalty kick.

“The very first moment I touched the ball. I felt I touched the ball and then after that the player,” Bruno said.

The Portuguese international continued, “It was not feeling good. I should have registered it the first time.”

And he added, “It does not matter that the goalkeeper advances from the goal line, I am not happy because I did not score on the first attempt.”

“At this stage, the most important thing is the three points, but we know that we can do a much better job, and we will definitely do that,” he said.

United’s victory at home is what happens for the first time this season, after losing to Crystal Palace, Tottenham and Arsenal, and tied against Chelsea.

But finally United managed to break the stage of dreams to achieve its first victory at home in the league this season thanks to Bruno.

United reached the 13th point in ninth place.

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