FilGoal | News | Bwalya: I have two offers from Esperance and a Kuwaiti team … I need time to make the right decision


El-Gouna striker Walter Bwalya said that he has two official offers from the Tunisian Esperance team and another from a Kuwaiti club, and he studies them well and studies all the offers he has before making a final decision. In an interview with Pan African Football website.

Bwalya said, “Among the offers that came, there are two that came officially, Tunisias Esperance and also one from Kuwait Club, but you should be careful not to pressure yourself to make a decision.”

He continued, “I asked to give me some time to make the appropriate decision. I just finished the season and I must have a space to think about the offers and the decision will come at the right time.”

He continued, “The new challenge for me is to do more than I have done. I look forward to reaching the summit because I have big ambitions. Egypt is a small step. There are still 100 steps for me and I must reach them all.” had learned earlier that Al-Ahly showed interest in obtaining the services of Bwalia. (See details)

Bawalia continued, saying: “He was not completely successful. I did not play much in the first round of the league. On the other hand, I took a big step by ending the season in third place among the Egyptian league’s top scorer, I can say that I have succeeded by 75% this season.”

He continued, “No, the downtime did not help me, it was not easy because of the epidemic that struck everyone. I had to be completely focused and notice what I do. In short, it was not easy for me to develop in such circumstances away from my family.”

He continued, “I was alone for 3 months, but reaped the fruits of the work I did with confidence. The results came after that.”

“My attacking strength is to know your abilities well, to know what you can do in order to set a goal for your career and for your team, I was a foreign striker and there were Egyptian attackers, I can confirm that my place came with hard work.”

And he added, “I expected to achieve more than I achieved in my first season. Maybe now is not the right time, but I am planning to be better next season.”

“In Egypt I work as a true professional, even in the infrastructure, whether on the ground or the way they run things, you cannot play like the streets, if you are not ready on the tactical level, it will be difficult for you to adapt and play.”

He concluded, “There were problems that pushed us to the bottom of the league, the situation was difficult, but we succeeded in managing the situation, for this reason we were fighting to stay in the league, at the present moment I have a two-year contract with El Gouna, but there are offers that came from everywhere, but at least my agent can take over. This is something I am currently playing for El Gouna. ”

Bwalya, 25, joined El Gouna from Nakana, Zambia, at the start of last season.

Bwalia scored 13 goals and scored once during his participation in 30 matches in the Egyptian League last season.

Bwalia is the top scorer for foreigners in the league last season, and the third scorer overall behind Mohamed Sharif (14 goals) and Abdullah Al-Saeed (17 goals).


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