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How does Al-Ahly coach Betso Mosimane attend his technical and psychological players to face Zamalek in the Champions League final?

This question resonates in the minds of many, and answers it through Gollam Valodia, performance analyst for Mamelodi Sundowns.

First on the technical side, all the following lines are on the tongue of Valudia:

“Pitso Mosimane first determines the features of the opposing team tactically by watching at least the last 10 matches of the team to find out on several basic axes, such as how to build the game and exit the team with the ball.”

“How does the opponent behave with the ball and without it, and how does he leave his place and leave spaces? Here lies a seasonal intelligence that can quickly read the locations of spaces in the opposing team, even if those spaces are available for a few seconds, but he takes advantage of them and plays on them well.”

“There are other important axes for him, for example the fixed balls, he used to give them great attention because they are an advantage for the North African teams. He used to say that they were organized in it more than the rest of the continent, despite the distinction of the rest of the continent with very tall bodies, and were physically stronger in contact and air balls. It controls the players’ standing inside the penalty area and their movement in a manner that is proportional to the opponent.

“He analyzes how the team will attack the defense. He puts everything in his mind, and determines how he will beat the opponent. Musimane loves to apply his style regardless of the opponent, but with his technique he plays on some points that seem small but give him victory.”

“After analyzing the team in general, he identifies the strengths and weaknesses and then analyzes each player separately, through his movements on the field and his vision, the ball leaving his foot and how he attacks and defends, almost everything, after all this, puts the appropriate formation from his point of view in his head, how He will play and the appropriate way of playing and not tell anyone, and start his technical lectures with the players and give each player a clip of the opposing team and some of its players. ”

“In the evening, he meets with the players to watch all the clips and discuss their views on it. He listens to each player’s opinion, and then begins to talk about his point of view and analysis of the match.”

“In any big game he plays at home or in a final match, he always prefers to press and attack from the first minute. I remember before facing Zamalek in the 2016 final, he devoted a large technical lecture to pressure from the front on the defense of Zamalek, for the entire 90 minutes in the match he did not tell his players but to keep pressing Even the team’s correction before the match was more concerned with the physical aspect, to help the players with pressure, which he does in all important matches, as well as the Al-Ahly match, which ended with the team winning five.

“He always said, if we were strong in pressing and getting the ball back faster, we’d win with a big score.”

Secondly, on the psychological level:

“In training, he is a calm person on the field, who is sometimes very nervous, like the nature of any coach. Before important matches, he is good at psychologically dealing with players.”

Musimani studied sports psychology, and always tries to prepare his players to enter the atmosphere of the match, the beginning is always with a closed camp in which the players are completely isolated from what is going on in the media or social networking sites, and he asks them not to pay attention to what is said about them, he was good at responding and isolating the team from any pressure. .

“He used to give his players psychological lectures, talk to them constantly, give them a great time to have fun and watch enthusiastic films that help the team psychologically to enter the atmosphere of the match.”


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