FilGoal | News | Corriere della Sera: Balotelli starts training with a fourth-class club in Italy


Former AC Milan and Inter striker Mario Balotelli has started training with an Italian fourth-tier club.

According to the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, Balotelli began training with Franciacorta.

The reason for the Italian international training with the team is because he is a friend of some club managers.

Balotelli, 30, is awaiting the possibility of joining a new team after he broke his contract with Brescia, Italy, last July, before the end of the season.

Balotelli did not join any club with the start of the current season in the European continent, despite his name being linked to playing for Genoa, Italy.

The Argentine Boca Juniors and Brazilian Flamengo clubs have previously shown, while Como, in the Italian third division, has tried to include him as well.

Balotelli scored 5 goals with Brescia last season in the Italian League.


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