FilGoal | News | Derby County announces the transfer of its ownership to a company owned by Bin Zayed International Group


Mel Maurice, owner and president of Debbie County, announced that he had reached a preliminary agreement with the holding group “Derventio” to transfer ownership of the club. According to a statement published by the official website.

The text of the statement said: “These negotiations indicate a preliminary agreement between the two parties.”

“The club will hand over its ownership after the approval of the English Football Association on Thursday.”

“The Derventio Group is controlled by the Bin Zayed International Group, which is owned by Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed bin Saqr Al Nahyan,” he added.

“The group will now start its operations and that is expected to happen soon,” he said.

Derby County was close to qualifying for the Premier League when Frank Lampard was coach, but he was snatched his qualifying card against Aston Villa.

Derby won the Premier League title twice, solving and summer 3 times, winning the English League title 4 times and solving one summer and winning the qualifying match for the English Premier League once.

The ancient English club, which was founded 136 years ago, specifically in 1884, was crowned the FA Cup once and the Charity Shield once.


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