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Senisa Mihajlovic – Bologna – Italian League

Bologna coach Sinsa Mihajlovic talked about his suffering after suffering from leukemia, and attending his team’s match at the beginning of last season, in addition to obtaining a fake ID from the hospital where he is being treated.

“I was that person who spoke about winning the war with courage, but I was afraid and how I wondered why, and I begged for God’s help, like everyone,” Mihajlovic said in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera.”

And he added, “Those who do not recover from the disease are not losers, it is not like a loss, it is an eye disease, there is no recipe for recovery, or at least I do not have.”

He continued, “You may feel like you are a warrior, but without doctors you will not reach anything. The only thing you can do is not to lose your desire in life, the rest does not depend on us.”

“I am enjoying every moment. I did not do that in the past, I took everything for granted and it should happen.”

He continued, “Health has its importance and emotion as well and nothing else. The disease made me a better person. I try to see the full side of the cup. Three days ago I underwent several blood, lung and other tests. Every time I run tests I get stressed, the next examination will be in June, after that I will undergo an examination.” Twice a year. ”

And he added, “St. Ursula Hospital gave me a false identity. My name was like Jekvitfer Dronevsk, a homeless person at the age of 69. The hospital did not want to attract the attention of curious people who might bother other patients. After the first two rounds of chemotherapy, I looked like I was really 69 years old.”

“I weighed 75 kilos, and I have 300 white cells in my blood. I asked the doctors to let me attend the Bologna match at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season. I almost fell to the ground in front of everyone, and in many cases it would have happened,” he added.

He continued, “I felt a look of pity on me as I entered the tunnel, when I saw myself on television, I did not recognize myself.”

He added, “I wanted to send a message, you should not be ashamed of the disease, you should show yourself what you really are.”

Mihajlovic suffered from leukemia from July to January, a battle that lasted for 6 months and ended with his recovery.

The Serbian has fully recovered from leukemia, and after the resumption of football activity after his suspension due to the outbreak of Covid 19, he was on the lines to lead his team from the pitch.

Mihajlovic has led Bologna in 53 games since his appointment in 2019, winning 22, drawing 10 and losing 20.

Mihajlovic touched upon the incident of racism against Patrick Vieira in the Champions League 20 years ago: “Something that I will never do again, happened in October 2000, in a match between Arsenal and Lazio in the Champions League.”

And he continued, “While playing the ball, I used to utter words and insults, hit the elbow and insult my opponents, and the matter happened with Patrick Vieira.”

He continued, “I directed a racist insult related to his skin. I was suspended for 3 matches. I was wrong. I went too far, but he also told me a racist word about my fundamentalists, throughout the match.”

“There was no such thing as racism against us,” he said.

Uefa must make its position clear and confront extremists | The Times

Lazio and Arsenal were in Group Two in the first group stage of the 2000-2001 UEFA Champions League, and they faced twice. The London team won the first 2-0, and tied 1-1 in Italy.

Arsenal qualified as the first group and Lazio second due to direct confrontations, after they were tied in points with 13 points each.


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