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At the beginning of last September, the Cameroonian Panthere Club announced the appointment of Egyptian Ahmed Adel as the new technical director of the team during the 2020-2021 season.

An experience is not new for the Egyptian coach in the jungles of Africa, as he previously took over the task of coaching Ghanaian club Junkool and Rwandan club Musanz.

And engages Ahmed Adel to talk about his training experience in Africa,

How did you start your coaching career all the way to work in Africa?

Upon completing my studies at the College of Physical Education, I began working as a sports injury specialist, and I worked in the field of physical preparation, as it was the subject of my PhD thesis.

She then transferred to training and obtained training licenses A, B, and C.

Outside Egypt, I worked as a physical trainer at Majis, Al-Shabab and Al-Salam clubs in the State of Oman, and as a general coach and physical trainer at Al-Andalus Club in Libya, then as the technical director of Saudi Tabarjal, Ghanaian Jancul, Musanz of Rwanda, and currently Panther, Cameroon.

What are the most prominent successes and achievements that you have achieved in your coaching career so far?

With Al-Salam Club, I succeeded in qualifying for the Omani Professional League, and won the Northern Region championship with Saudi Tabarjal, while with the Rwandan club Musanz, last season I succeeded in saving the team from relegation to the second division and keeping it in the Premier League.

Musanz’s side finished the Rwandan league last season with 26 points in twelfth place, four places behind relegation.

How do you see your experience with Panthere FC and what are your ambitions for the new season with the club?

In the beginning, the Cameroonian League did not start yet due to crises between the Professional League and the Cameroonian Federation, but I have great ambitions and the club’s management has promised to compete for the title this season.

Winning the league will be difficult, especially since the team is completely new, as there were only 4 players left in last season, and the rest of the players I chose myself only two months ago.

We started preparing for the new season and won over the first Cameroonian national team in a friendly match last month with a clean goal, but the postponement of the start of the league made me take a vacation and went back to Egypt to see my family.

I have worked in Asia and Africa. Do you see a big difference between the Egyptian player and other players in other countries?

Of course, the Egyptian player is smarter and more innovative on the field, and the African player is more committed and disciplined. As for the Gulf player, he possesses the innate talent, but he greatly lacks commitment and dedication.

Speaking of training, what is your favorite style between offensive and defensive play?

The professional coach changes his style of play according to what is available to him from the capabilities of the players, as well as the opponent who will play against him and the circumstances of the match, but in the general situation balanced play is the best thing, which is defensive insurance and attack effectively and in depth.

What are the difficulties you face in training within Africa?

The mentality of the departments, as many times the departments lack a professional mentality in dealing with the team in general, whether in terms of preparing or following a disciplined professional system or schedule for the team, but this negativity usually changes when you see a sign of change for the team and its results or its shape on the field. In this case the management follows the system and the coach’s vision completely.

-Did anyone talk to you to train a team in the Egyptian League during the last period, and do you dream of training in Egypt?

I would like to train in Egypt but there are no offers or contacts. Working in the Egyptian Premier League is an important and good station in the life of any coach.

– In your opinion, is there a big difference between the level of the Egyptian league compared to other African leagues?

Of course, the ball in Egypt is more advanced, professional and application of modern science in football.

Talking about Egypt, we are close to the final of the century in Africa between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, how do you see that match and who is the most likely team to win the title?

Always the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match are beyond expectations. No one can predict its outcome, as it is a match of a special nature and it is a great honor for Egyptian football that the two sides of the final match are two Egyptian teams / and success for the best, God willing, is an Egyptian sports wedding regardless of the winner.

Do you think there are specific players who can make the difference in that match?

Yes, in Zamalek, there is Farjani Sassi, Ashraf Bencharqi and Mustafa Mohamed, and in Al-Ahly there is Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” and Aliou Diang, and in general the team that will succeed in controlling the midfield is the one who will control the course of the game.

How do you see the Egyptian national team under the leadership of Hossam El-Badry, and is the team able to qualify for the African Nations Cup and the World Cup?

Always the Egyptian national team is a camp team, not just a match team, as we always find that the level of the team rises with the continued gathering of African championships and its level fluctuates in the qualifying matches. Therefore, I expect the level of the national team to increase with time and the number of upcoming gatherings, and God willing, we qualify for the African Nations Cup and the World Cup.


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