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Former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino is a guest on the popular Monday Night Football program on Sky Sports for a very special evening.

The Argentine coach was a distinguished guest for the program after the Leicester City match and Leeds United, after analyzing the match, and then a distinguished dialogue took place between Pochettino, Jimmy Carragher, presenter of the program and the former Liverpool star, and David Jones, the British interlocutor. conveys to you everything the Argentine coach said in the dialogue, about several points, most notably his future and his relationship with Jose Mourinho and the current situation of football in light of the outbreak of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”.

Where will Pochettino train after Tottenham?

“I don’t know if my next job is in the Premier League or not. I will not close any door. I learned that when I was very young.”

“Jorge Griva, my former coach, used to tell me, ‘Mauricio football will dictate to you in your career, and I am waiting for the project that I will feel is the best for me and the right path that I will take on.”

“Of course, we live in a very crazy situation, crazy moments in our lives that we never expected, and of course the situation is completely different, not only in football.”

“My energy is full, I would love to go back to the game, but at the same time I need to understand so now it is better to wait, you need to wait for the right project of course football will bring what it wants, and we need to be open to accepting it or not.”

“Now is the same game, but football is different, without fans having fun? Yes, because we love football, we try to enjoy it, we try to lie to ourselves.”

“For the players the situation is very difficult, for the coaching staff the situation is difficult. I think for the owners, presidents and CEOs the situation is very difficult. Try to continue and protect all your employees and maintain the continuity of the industry because there are many people who need football to live.”

“It is a very difficult moment. I don’t feel that I am away from work for a year, maybe because because of the absence of the fans for a period of 7-8 months, it does not look like football. We watch similar matches in the past but there is no passion on the field, there are no emotions, and this is in Sometimes it comfort me about absence. ”

“If you feel the voices and feelings of the fans and go to watch the games in the stadium, you may say I want to fight with your team because it is a strong opponent, but at the present time you watch the matches on TV in your home, the situation is strange and it is a difficult time for everyone.”

Leave Tottenham and his feelings

“After one year, I can say that I was frustrated, a little angry and unhappy. I had a wonderful relationship with the staff, the players and the fans for five and a half years and I will not lie about it.”

“But at some point I understand very well that this is football. The club needed to change, but I will not complain about my decision to leave. All I can do is support because our relationship is still very good.”

“The coach who replaced me is a good friend of mine, the coach who treated me very well when he was at Real Madrid. I remember that Jose Mourinho invited me to watch a match in the Champions League against Ajax. We kept talking together in the dressing room in the Santiago Bernabeu, until the commissioner came and said to him, Jose The match will start. We must go. ”

“I feel that I can only wish, because I love Tottenham and know Jose Mourinho, and I want the best for him, to try to win, but my journey lacked to win a title. This is what we lacked, to put a cherry on top of the cake.”

Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino during an FA Cup semi-final between Spurs and Man Utd at Wembley in 2018

Are you surprised to leave?

“It was not a big surprise, as a player I always wanted to win. That is our mentality. We wanted to win every match. When I was at Espanyol and Southampton, you use the tools available to do your best. You respect traditions and principles, provide the means that help players develop every day.” “.

“I was proud from the beginning of my period with Tottenham, I had a good relationship with Daniel and had good relations with the management. Watch how we wanted to build the team. Always there was that voice in my head telling me that Tottenham was about to achieve glory and in a great way, I respected that and knew that he would need to work. Big, in order to compete with the big clubs. ”

How did Tottenham change?

“When we arrived in 2014, the big clubs were spending money to develop their team. The situation was a little difficult. Our goal was always to win because as a coach if you didn’t win it would be difficult to stay in your position, but also was the development to play in the Champions League, trying to be competitors like the past.” In the same way, you try to create an identity and philosophy that makes the masses feel proud, for this I feel proud. ”

“We had the potential to build something special but in the end the expectations are very high so you need to win, you need something coherent and important to win the title, we were very close to the Premier League and the Champions League, but we didn’t do it, everyone knows what happened in the end but I think it is. It was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed it very much. ”

“We feel sad that we could not provide a tournament for the fans and the club, because the group of players deserves a championship. I hope in the future the team will be able to do that with Mourinho, because it will be a great thing for the fans and this group of players because most of them were with us in our project.”

“Criticism of Tottenham’s mentality? Bad, we were upset every time we heard that.”

“In the end we understood what it meant for Tottenham. He was always behind Arsenal when we arrived. He was like that for 20-22 years. It was painful for our fans and for the club.”

“People on the street were saying,” Please, we can’t finish the season behind Arsenal. That was like winning the Champions League for the fans when I arrived. ”

“For us, Tottenham was a great journey, more than 5 years ago. We enjoyed it from the first day. The management was helping us from the first day, to be successful and then the players were all wonderful.”

Mauricio Pochettino on MNF

Changing habits in Tottenham

“We had a group with different qualities and habits. The players were not responsible for the habits they had. Habits are always what drives the team. Today, football clubs are like companies. You need to be strong in creating habits and translating them into principles in your team.”

“The players are an important element, because the principles are translated on the field. After that, you need to create a line from above in order to be strong in applying those principles, the way in which you develop and the way things happen the way you want them to.”

“It was great to have that possibility, the feeling of freedom to create something special in Tottenham, change is always very painful, but when you arrive at a new club you need to create some changes, you start building, that’s why it is important to create a big stage, the coaching staff creates that platform. Where players feel comfortable and can develop. ”

Pochettino was dismissed from his post in November 2019 after Tottenham ranked 14th due to poor results, so club president Daniel Levy decided to dismiss him and appoint Jose Mourinho, and since then he has not coached any team.


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