FilGoal | News | El-Shennawi: I mentioned the Al-Ahly players between my final half of losing from Wydad and Esperance … and I deliberately got a warning


Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper and Al-Ahly captain, revealed the scenes of the conversation that took place between him and his team’s players between the two halves of the African final against Zamalek.

Al-Shenawi said during his interview with CBC: “The African Championship was absent from Al-Ahly for 7 years and we promised the fans after leaving the Sundowns last year to win the championship title, and thank God we fulfilled our promise.”

“Between the two halves, I reminded the players of the African final against Esperance and Wydad, and how you were after the loss,” he added.

And he continued, “I also reminded them of the great effort they made from the first tournament in the matches of Al-Hilal Al-Sudan, Sundowns and Al-Wadad, and that the title has only 45 minutes left.”

“After the match, I could not sleep until the morning due to pressure on the team and our fear that our promise to the fans would not be fulfilled,” he added.

And he added, “The last 5 minutes in the match passed us as though they were 90 minutes and I deliberately got a warning to waste time until the referee came to me and raised the yellow card.”

He concluded his remarks, “Before completing the Champions League matches against Moroccan Wydad, we agreed with all the players not to post any pictures on the social networking site Instagram until we focus with all our strength on winning the absent title.”


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